When in doubt, make up words. Case in point: "thunder-wear" (waterproof clothing) or "snizzle" (snowy drizzle) or even "plowable snow" (a phrase I borrowed from a favorite college professor 40 years ago). Here comes another: "peak summer."

You can make a case that, for many Minnesotans, summer peaks between the solstice and July 4th. Long, sticky days, twilight at 10 p.m., harassing storms become more rare — temperatures generally hot enough for the lake.

Where's the heat? It's coming. I expect 90s this weekend; the hottest weather of the year so far — with humidity levels that will make you want to evacuate to your favorite lake or pool.

Wait for it: In three days we'll go from whining about our cool, wet spring to griping about beastly heat. Because it's our God-given right to complain about the weather, 24/7.

An inflamed atmosphere may spark a few random, pop-up storms from Thursday into the Sunday, but the maps are strongly suggesting a sizzling, cabin-worthy weekend is coming. Finally.