By Todd Nelson, filling in for Douglas:

I am happy to report that the hair-raising weather from earlier this week will now be just a distant memory. From 3 to 6 inches of slushy snow accumulations to highs of 70 a few days later, Minnesotans are no stranger to wild weather that can prompt even the cleanest of mouths to spout insults toward your favorite meteorologist in the spring.

An "omega block" develops across the country this weekend, which will help to keep several days of brilliant sunshine in our forecast today through early next week. High temperatures will once again return to normal levels and even flirt with 70 degrees by Friday.

Meanwhile, both the Western and Eastern U.S. will be stuck under cold and showery weather before the blocking pattern finally breaks down next week.

Steadier rains will likely affect the Kentucky Oaks on Friday before turning more isolated for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. I am not a gambling man, but if I were, I'd have my money on Thunder Snow.