Channy Leaneagh

Channy Leaneagh

Somebody give the "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" camera crew a gold star this morning. They did a great job last night capturing the dynamic interplay between Poliça drummers Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu, which is at the center of the song that the Minneapolis quartet surprisingly chose to perform for its TV debut, "Leading to Death." The show's audio technicians, on the other hand, might need a little talking to. Singer Channy Leaneagh's electronicified vocals sounded weirdly muddy and flimsy in what was presumably quite a hi-fi audio mix (not at all a problem at, say, the lo-fi Turf Club or 7th Street Entry).

Still, the band properly seized the moment, which came to them last-minute after Tom Waits had to cancel. Fallon somewhat wise-acrely emphasized the "ç" in the band's name during his introduction. And the band somewhat boldly made "Leading to Death" its wise song selection. not one of the tracks from its album touted as a single, but one that has been a clear highlight in its live sets this spring. Maybe the smartest move of them all, though, was by Ivascu, who did not miss achance to mouth the words, "Hi Mom!," into the cameras after the commercial break when Fallon came back to bid adieu (alas, not part of the clip below).

Members of Poliça wound up watching hosting a TV viewing party over at the Knitting Factory's Brooklyn offshoot, where manager Nate Vernon was DJ-ing. Coincidentally or not, Nate's brother Justin Vernon also had a big TV taping on Wednesday night: He and his Bon Iver brethren were back in Austin, Texas, taping an episode of "Austin City Limits." You can read about that one here. Or, even better, you can click here for the hilarious "Bon Iver Erotica" spoof that's now going viral.

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