MAY 27

Animal concern. A small black bear was reported running across the road in the area of 10th Street and Neal Avenue. The animal was not an immediate threat or danger to anyone.


MAY 28

Trespassing. A man hunting for mushrooms in the 4000 block of Stagecoach Trail was cited for theft after he was found on the property with a bag of morel mushrooms. The owner of the property contained the man until a deputy arrived after watching him walk past a "No Trespass" sign.


MAY 23

Neighbor complaint. A resident in the 16000 block of Harrow Avenue wanted it documented that his neighbor's horses had gotten into his yard and ruined some new planting.

MAY 25

Neighbor complaint. A man in the 6000 block of 152nd Street told authorities his neighbor was harassing him and his kids because the kids were canoeing in a pond behind both their homes. A deputy spoke with the neighbor, who said the complainant swore at him and made a vulgar hand gesture. The complainant admitted as much and was advised to handle the situation differently next time. The deputy told both parties he'd look into the property lines and get back to them.


MAY 28

Nuisance complaint. A man who said he was stranded and trying to get gas money tried to sell a knife and a necklace at the Freedom Valu Center gas station, 1000 Wildwood Road. He and another man left after saying they were headed to a nearby Super America.


MAY 21

Careless driving complaint. A driver wearing a white mask with a mustache painted on it was reported driving recklessly in the 7200 block of Hwy. 5. An officer contacted the driver, who said he was playing a Nerf gun game with friends in another vehicle and was trying to get away before being caught and losing the game. The officer advised him of his driving conduct and left a voice mail with his parents.

MAY 23

Welfare check. An officer was sent to check on a resident in the 7000 block of 19th Street after receiving a report from someone who they were talking with on the phone of a loud crash in the background. The complainant told police there was no response after the crash. The resident explained some pans fell from a shelf just as another call clicked in.

MAY 25

Nonmalicious mischief. An officer observed that several letters had been removed from a sign at the Oakdale Discovery Center, 4444 Hadley Av., to reveal an obscene message. The officer removed the offensive words from the sign and picked up the remaining letters on the ground and brought them inside the building.

Assist public. An officer used Crisco Oil to help remove a 5-year-old girl's foot that had gotten stuck in her bike in the 6400 block of 56th Street.


MAY 27

Animal concern. A cat and three kittens were reported underneath the porch of a home in the 7000 block of Afton Road. An officer was unable to find the cats due to the porch being completely fenced and cemented in. He advised the homeowner to let nature take its course.

MAY 30

Neighbor complaint. Someone called police asking if Woodbury has an ordinance against mowing the lawn after 10 p.m. because his neighbor was doing so. An officer left a phone message with the neighbor advising him against mowing from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.