FEB. 17

Animal concern. Someone called the Sheriff's Office about a St. Bernard riding in the bed of a truck in the area of Manning Avenue and Hwy. 96. Authorities were unable to locate the vehicle.


FEB. 15

Driving after cancellation/littering. A deputy observed the driver of a vehicle in the 9000 block of 170th Street throw a cigarette butt out his window. The officer stopped the vehicle and discovered that the motorist's driver's license had been canceled. He was cited for littering and driving after cancellation.

FEB. 19

School bus arm violation. A postal van was reported driving through a school bus stop arm at the intersection of Goodview Avenue and Goodview Trail. The bus driver told authorities it wasn't the first time the postal van had done it. After talking to the driver of the postal van it was determined that the intersection and bus stop location were confusing and no violation had taken place.


FEB. 19

Snowball complaint. Someone was reported throwing snowballs at vehicles at the intersection of Mahtomedi Avenue and First Street. A man observed running into a nearby home was contacted by a deputy. While not admitting to throwing snowballs, the man admitted someone might be upset with speeders at the intersection. He was advised against making poor choices to deal with traffic concerns.


FEB. 15

Assist public. A cabdriver asked police for help with a drunk passenger at the Holiday Stationstore, 1025 Hadley Av., who could not provide his address. The passenger gave an officer his driver's license, which he gave to the cabdriver.

FEB. 19

Suspicious activity. A suspicious smell was reported in a building in the 300 block of Geneva Avenue. An officer could smell a strong odor in a second-floor hallway. Members of the Oakdale Fire Department made contact with a resident who said he was spray painting and had put fans in the windows for ventilation. He did not want anyone to come into his apartment. He was advised to not spray paint in closed areas with no ventilation.

FEB. 20

Suspicious vehicle. An officer checked on an occupied vehicle with tarps over the windows in the area of 15th Street and Hilo Avenue. A man in the vehicle said he was waiting for a lot to be plowed. Explaining the tarps, he said he liked his privacy. The officer advised the man how it looked to passers-by but found no criminal activity.


FEB. 18

Animal complaint. Two dogs were reported running loose in the 2400 block of Cochrane Circle. An officer contacted the owner of one of the dogs, who said he and a neighbor let their dogs run on their properties but not on public property. He was advised that if the animals leave their property, they'll need a leash.

Suspicious activity. Three cars pulled into a lot in the 2800 block of Woodlane Drive and soon after people congregated at one of the vehicles. An officer responding to a report of suspicious activity saw a large amount of marijuana in plain view in the back seat of one of the unoccupied vehicles. The driver of the vehicle admitted the marijuana was his and was booked for fifth-degree controlled substance possession.

Suspicious situation. Police attempted to contact a resident whose garage door was reported open for several hours. The resident yelled at an officer and told him to go away. When informed her garage door was open, she closed it with her garage door opener. No further assistance was needed.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.