FEB. 7

Driving violation. A vehicle was reported driving around a railroad stop arm in the area of 40th Street and Neal Avenue. The driver of the vehicle told authorities the arm was stuck and she was waved through by a railroad worker.


FEB. 5

Attempted burglary. A resident in the 8000 block of 80th Street called the Sheriff's Department after hearing a noise in his kitchen and then seeing an unknown vehicle leave his driveway. Deputies found size 10 boot prints leading to a back deck and damage done to the patio doors.


FEB. 4

Snowplowing complaint. Hugo Public Works reported someone in the 7000 block of 177th Street has been plowing snow from their property across and into the street all winter. The resident explained there was no other place to put the snow but was cited for plowing it into a public roadway anyway.


FEB. 6

Illegal dumping. A hot tub was dumped at the Lake Demontreville boat launch. The city was notified.


FEB. 8

Public assist. A homeowner wanted to notify the Sheriff's Department that her neighbors were not welcome in her home after she had them look after the home while she was on vacation.


FEB. 8

Public assist. Authorities were called after someone at Katherine Abbott Park, 1000 Lincolntown Ave., lost the key to a building they were renting there. The key was found shortly thereafter.


FEB. 6

Slumper/Welfare check. A man asleep at the wheel of a parked car was reported in the area of Old Guslander Trail and Ostrum Trail. Authorities checked on the man who said he was in the area for an appointment and was just catching a nap.


FEB. 3

Animal complaint. A resident in the 20000 block of Olinda Trail reported a neighbor's dog was loose in their yard and acting aggressively. The complainant took a photo of the dog. The neighbor was cited for having a dog at large.

FEB. 4

Suspicious activity. A homeowner in the 22000 block of Kirk Avenue called authorities because she had received a call from her own home when no one should be there. Deputies checked and cleared the residence finding all doors locked from the inside and no signs of entry. The resident speculated the call might have been generated from a new fax machine setup.


FEB. 4

Dispute. A deputy was dispatched to the 2000 block of Novak Avenue on a report of an argument between a mother and daughter. The 18-year-old daughter was angry at her mother for breaking her hookah pipe. Both parties agreed to calm down.


FEB. 6

Frosted windshield. A driver near Century Avenue and Valley Creek Road was cited for equipment violation because her windshield was frosted.

FEB. 7

Use of a wireless communications device. A driver was cited for using his cellphone while driving in the area of Woodlane Drive and Valley Creek Road.

Items are selected from reports made to police and are not a comprehensive picture of crime.