JAN. 20

Loose cows. Two cows reported loose in the area of Neal Avenue and Valley Creek Trail were contained and returned home, although the fence to their field remained broken.


JAN. 21

Public assist. Authorities received a call from a man worried because he couldn't get ahold of a 60-year-old woman in the 4000 block of Neal Avenue. The Sheriff's Department contacted the woman, who was all right, and told her to call the man.


JAN. 18

Drunk snowmobile driver. The driver of a snowmobile who kept falling off his sled was reported in the area of Forest Boulevard and 165th Street. Deputies checked the area but were unable to locate the driver.

JAN. 23

Neighbor complaint. A man in the 15000 block of Fanning Drive waved to his neighbor because he was staring at him through his window. The man said the neighbor then started yelling at him and threatened to kick his butt. A deputy advised both parties to get along.


JAN. 23

Trespassing. A resident in the 14000 block of 130th Street reported a man in a pickup pulling an icehouse across his property. The man threatened to come back with some friends and beat the resident up.


JAN. 19

Disturbance. An officer was sent to the 3600 block of Granada Circle on a report of a man and woman rolling around in the snow at 1.25 a.m. The officer made contact with the woman in her front yard who explained she and her husband were making snow angels. No problems found at place.

JAN. 21

Check welfare. An officer was dispatched to a home in the 2700 block of Gresham Avenue on a report that the resident hadn't answered their phone in the last four days. The officer contacted the resident who said she had accidentally unplugged her phone.


JAN. 18

Strange phone call. Someone in the 16000 block of Quality Trail played authorities a phone message they had received from someone in Las Vegas threatening legal trouble if they didn't send money. The scheme and threats seemed ridiculous and vague to Sheriff's Office officials. The complainant, who had not sent money, was advised to block the number.


JAN. 21

Suspicious activity. Authorities responded to a report of a noise at 4 a.m. outside a home in the 2000 block of Olene Avenue. The homeowner also reported footprints in the yard. The footprints, also found in a neighbor's yard, were small and consistent with those of children. They appeared to be several days old as well.


JAN. 21

Suspicious activity. A man reported to police that he accidentally broke a window at a senior living facility in the 7000 block of Lake Road. The man said he was there to meet some friends who worked at the facility and slapped the window when he saw one of them.

JAN. 22

Animal concern. A resident in the 2100 block of Queens Drive told police that her neighbor's dog had been outside for an extended period of time. Police contacted the dog owner who said he was home for lunch and the dog was now inside the house.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.