DEC. 15

ATV complaint. A resident in the 6000 block of 151st Street Court reported damage to their land as a result of someone riding ATVs on it.

DEC. 16

Suspicious person. Residents in the 15000 block of Foxhill Avenue called the Sheriff's Department after a solicitor who said he was from Comcast inquired about selling them home security. A deputy made contact with the solicitor, who had proper identification. The residents were unaware Comcast sold home security systems.

DEC. 18

Found dogs. Two dogs, a pug and a Samoyed, were reported loose in the 7000 block of 137th Street Court. A deputy was able to contain the pug but the Samoyed ran away. The pug was returned and the last known location of the Samoyed was relayed to the owner. Several neighbors reported the dogs being frequently loose. The owner was told to keep the dogs better secured.

DEC. 21

Illegal activity. Someone on Victor Path complained to the Sheriff's Department about several people clearing off a small pond nearby and skating on it. The complainant told a deputy it's against her association's rules and against the law in Hugo. It was determined that the property was city-owned, that it wasn't against the law to skate on the pond and that the ice was thick enough to skate safely. The complainant was advised that if she persisted in harassing the skaters she might suffer legal consequences.


DEC. 18

Snowmobile complaint. A resident in the 1000 block of Quentin Avenue reporter a neighbor's grandchildren snowmobiling on their property. The complainant said she was annoyed by the sound and that in the summer the kids were too loud on their trampoline. A deputy contacted the neighbor, who said he'd see if he could work something out with the complainant.


DEC. 21

Stolen/found mail. Mail taken from homes in the area of Wedgewood Drive and Wildwood Road was found strewn in the street and was returned.

Animal concern. A deputy helped a resident in the 40 block of Forest Trail get a raccoon out of her garage after it ran in and hid on a shelf when she opened the door.


DEC. 16

Criminal damage to property. Someone put fast-acting glue in the lock of a mailbox in the 500 block of Gentry Avenue.


DEC. 14

Road rage. A driver reported to police being passed on the shoulder by another vehicle on Radio Drive near the Bielenberg Sports Center where the road goes from two lanes to one. The complainant said the driver of the passing vehicle made an obscene gesture as he passed. The driver of the passing vehicle was contacted and told police the complainant made the gesture first. Both were advised to calm down and drive in a friendly manner.

DEC. 16

Suspicious activity. A resident fearful of potential burglars reported a group of people going door to door in the 1700 block of Orchard Drive. An officer made contact with the group, who identified themselves as Jehovah's Witnesses.

DEC. 17

Junk complaint. An officer checked on a report of a boat and truck parked on the lawn of a home in the 2300 block of Carlsbad Plaza. After several attempts, contact was made with the resident who moved the vehicles.

Fire hydrant damage. A fire hydrant was knocked over by a vehicle in the 2100 block of Cypress Drive. Police notified Public Works.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.