SEPT. 25

Bull in the road. A 1,500-pound bull was dispatched after running through rush-hour traffic in the area of Manning Avenue and Hudson Road. Authorities had determined they'd be unable to safely capture the animal, which had been loose for 12 hours.


SEPT. 26

Loose animals. Several llamas were reported running in the road in the area of 235th Street and July Avenue. A deputy spoke to the complainant, who was visibly upset that the animals continue to get loose. The owner of the llamas was advised of the complaint and instructed to fix the fence.


SEPT. 27

School bus stop arm violation. A gray or silver vehicle reportedly drove through a bus stop arm near 140th Street and Fountain Avenue. Authorities were unable to locate the suspected offender, as the license number provided didn't match the vehicle.

SEPT. 30

Raccoon. A deputy dispatched a raccoon on the porch of a residence in the 4000 block of Europa Trail. The deputy determined the animal was probably sick because it was acting abnormally.


SEPT. 27

Disturbance. The driver of a vehicle in the 500 block of Cimarron reported a woman was standing in his driveway in front of his vehicle, yelling at him. The woman told a deputy that the man was driving too fast. An understanding was reached with the two.


SEPT. 28

Road incident. A driver in the area of 1st Street and Quant Avenue told authorities he followed a truck to let its driver know the vehicle's headlights weren't on. The man said the truck pulled into a driveway, where the driver told him to "get out of here." He said the truck driver had his hand on a gun.


SEPT. 24

Neighbor complaint. A resident in the 13000 block of Panorama Avenue reported that a neighbor's hummingbird feeders were attracting bees near their property line. The complainant believed the neighbor put the feeders close to the boundary intentionally. A deputy advised the complainant that there were no ordinances that addressed the issue.


SEPT. 25

Suspicious noise. A woman told police she was jogging in the area of Hwy. 5 and Granada Avenue when a dark-colored wild animal growled from the weeds. An officer checked the area, but the animal was gone.

Check welfare. Police were called to check on a female sitting at a playground in the 6200 block of 12th Street, singing or chanting to herself. An officer located a female who was listening to music and singing. She told the officer she didn't need help.


SEPT. 25

Dumping complaint. A deputy looked through some tires and other garbage dumped in the 15000 block of Hudson Road, but was unable to find information on who might've dumped it there.


SEPT. 30

Suspicious activity. A shopping cart full of merchandise and a set of car keys were found in the parking lot and returned to the Target at 7200 Valley Creek Plaza. The owner was located and explained to an officer that she thought she had lost her keys and walked home to get a different set.

Items are selected from police reports and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.