Theft report. A man in the 14000 block of 55th Street reported several pieces of lawn equipment missing from his shed. He called police back later and apologized because he had forgotten that he had lent out the lawn equipment.


MAY 14

Theft report. Police looked into a report of someone in the 7000 block of Neal Avenue taking gravel from the road and putting it on their own driveway. Police were unable to contact anyone at the suspected residence but did notice two piles of gravel about 100 feet long in the driveway.


MAY 10

Drive off. A man pumped $19.75 worth of gas at Hagberg's Country Market, 11325 Stillwater Blvd., and left without paying. He did come into the store to buy lottery tickets and deodorant after pumping the gas, leading police to speculate he might've forgotten to pay for the gas.


MAY 13

Coyote complaint. A man called police to report a coyote in his back yard in the 100 block of Old Wildwood Road. The man wanted to know if he could shoot the animal. He was given a number for the DNR.



Neighbor complaint. A resident in the 13000 block of Panorama Avenue complained to police about his neighbor parking in front of his driveway and not allowing him to park his boat. He said it's been an ongoing problem and he and the neighbor don't get along. Police made contact with the neighbor whose vehicle was partly blocking the driveway. She agreed to move it.



Suspicious person/road hazard. An officer transported a man to his home who had been reported jumping into traffic and hitchhiking in the 6700 block of 10th Street. The man, who walks with a cane, told the officer he had walked to Rainbow Foods from his home but was having trouble with his legs on the way back home.



Vehicle noise complaint. Police received a complaint about the noise created by commercial vehicles engine braking and jake braking in the area of Scandia Trail and St. Croix Trail. The complainant said the noise from the trucks was rattling his windows.


MAY 14

Slumper. Police responded to a report of a man sleeping in a truck in the parking lot of Holiday, 215 Manning Av., at 12:30 a.m. The man told police he was homeless and the starter in his truck had gone out. He was waiting for someone to come and help. The employees at Holiday agreed to let him stay in the lot and wait.


MAY 11

Suspicious activity. A man reported what he believed were several pirated movie DVDs at a garage sale in the 3700 block of Mount Vernon Lane. The homeowner conducting the sale said he put the DVDs out for a friend and had no idea if they were pirated. He opted to pull them from the sale.

MAY 12

Suspicious activity. Police received a report of a group of people getting out of a station wagon in 200 block of Pendryn Hill Bay and taking the copper wiring from a television that had been set out in a driveway to be given away. The complainant told police he told the group to take the whole television, not just the copper, which they did without incident.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.