FEB. 28

Neighbor complaint. A man complained to police that his neighbor's son took his snowmobile. He said he confronted his neighbor, who denied the accusation. The man didn't want to file a report — he only wanted his complaint taken as information.


DUI arrest. A woman was arrested for driving under the influence when an officer on patrol observed her racing with another vehicle through the parking lot of Festival Foods, 14775 Victor Hugo Blvd., and failing to yield to pedestrian and other vehicles. When the officer stopped her a few blocks away, she seemed nervous and claimed she didn't notice he was attempting to get her to pull over. She admitted to having been drinking, performed poorly on field sobriety tests and registered a .14 percent on a preliminary breath test, police said.



Juvenile complaint. Approximately six juveniles were reported "gallon smashing" at Aldi, 750 Wildwood Road. The prank involves people filming each other pretending to slip and then smashing milk and juice containers as they fall to the floor of a grocery store. In this case, the juveniles refused to leave after smashing several milk cartons and sliding around in the mess. Using a license plate number from the vehicle the juveniles left in, police contacted one of the suspects and his mother. The juvenile said he was there but was not involved in creating the mess and would not turn over any names. He did agree to pay for the products that were destroyed.


Invasion of privacy. A woman in the 800 block of Woodland Court wanted it documented that her ex-boyfriend installed a secret application on her phone that allowed him to track her whereabouts.


FEB. 26

Suspicious person. An officer observed a man on a bike near businesses in the 900 block of Hadley Avenue at 3 a.m. The man told the officer he was trying to stay off roads because the batteries for his bicycle lights were low.


Careless/reckless driving. A woman called police after another driver honked his horn and then drove around her at a high rate of speed in the parking lot of the Oakedale Nature Center, 4444 Hadley Av. Police contacted the other driver, who explained that the complainant was stopped in the lot so she honked her horn to let her know she was behind her and then drove around her. No criminal activity was found.



Snowmobile violation. A man driving a snowmobile that he told police he only bought for parts was cited for not having the vehicle registered on Big Marine Lake.



Squad car egged. An officer reported while en route to a vehicle accident a "little devil" hit his squad car with an egg in the area of Manning Avenue and Settlers Way.


FEB. 22

Possession of shoplifting gear. A woman was arrested for shoplifting at Victoria's Secret, 9030 Hudson Road, after store employees observed she had tools to remove the security tags on items. She was apprehended with several items and the tools in her purse.

FEB. 23

Hauling complaint. A man in the 7200 block of Guider Drive wanted police to stop trucks hauling snow overnight outside his apartment because they were keeping him from getting a good night's rest. An officer advised the man he could not stop the trucks from hauling snow on private property.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.