FEB. 12

Counterfeit money. Two men in a green van paid for a Craigslist purchase with counterfeit money in the 15000 block of Afton Hills Drive. The complainant sold the men two 8-foot heaters and didn't realize the money, five folded $20 bills, was counterfeit until they drove off.


FEB. 9

Snowmobile accident. Two people were thrown from a snowmobile after hitting part of a broken down fish house on Forest Lake No. 2. The snowmobilers didn't see the remains of the structure as there was no standing wall. Both were slightly injured.


FEB. 12

Abandoned snowmobile. Police checked on a snowmobile that had been reported left in a ditch in the 8000 block of Jamaca Avenue for two days. The registered owner was contacted and said he sold it in 2002. The snowmobile, which had some front-end damage, was towed.


FEB. 6

Slumper. Police checked on a report of someone lying down in a vehicle in the 15000 block of Forest Boulevard. The man was a private investigator conducting an investigation.


FEB. 8

K9 assist/apprehension/warrant arrest. A K9 unit was used to track a man with a warrant for his arrest who was hiding in a tree in the 10000 block of Hudson Boulevard.

FEB. 13

Extra patrol/suspicious activity/criminal damage to property. Police responded to a report of footsteps in the snow leading to a travel trailer in the back of a property in the 9000 block of 31st Street. Police discovered someone had broken into the trailer. Police agreed to keep an eye on the trailer while on patrol in the area.

FEB. 14

Cracked windshield/drug paraphernalia. An officer pulled over a vehicle in the 4200 block of Stillwater Boulevard for having a cracked windshield. The officer noticed the vehicle interior smelled like marijuana when he made contact with the driver. A small jar with marijuana residue was found when the vehicle was searched.

FEB. 15

Stranded motorist. A driver who got stuck on Lake Demontreville called police to ask for assistance. Police contacted a tow company.


FEB. 6

Property damage accident/disorderly conduct. A man whose vehicle was run into in the parking lot of Cub Foods, 1801 Market Dr., reportedly got out and threatened the driver of the vehicle who hit him. Several witnesses told police they were alarmed at the man's behavior. He was given a citation for disorderly conduct and apologized for the way he reacted.


FEB. 14

Pursuit/stolen vehicle. Washington County officers assisted Stillwater police in pursuit of a stolen vehicle in the area of Dellwood Road and Manning Avenue. The vehicle was stopped after police set up tire deflation devices. Two suspects in the vehicle were taken to jail.


FEB. 3

Animal concern. Police were alerted to a van parked in a lot in the 10000 block of City Walk Drive with two dogs in it. Police observed the dogs and did not feel they were distressed. The van's owner was contacted and told police he had left the vehicle running with heat for the dogs.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.