NOV. 24

Suspicious findings. Footprints in the snow indicating someone might have been looking into the window of a home were reported in the 4000 block of Neal Avenue


NOV. 13

Obstructed windshield. The driver of a vehicle in the area of 129th Street and Imperial Avenue was given a written warning for having frost covering his windshield. The driver told police he didn't remove the frost because he was late for school.

NOV. 17

Suspicious activity. Police responded to a report of a hole near the playground at Lions Park, 5524 Upper 146th St., filled with gasoline. Police located the hole, about 10 inches deep in a wet area, but couldn't confirm there was gasoline in it.

NOV. 20

Road rage. A man in an SUV with handicapped plates followed a vehicle into a parking lot in the 14000 block of Mercantile Drive and yelled at the driver for cutting him off. He left when the other driver indicated they were calling the police.


NOV. 26

Theft from vehicles. Tools and other items were stolen overnight from two unlocked vehicles parked in a driveway in the 300 block of Quehl Avenue.


NOV. 12

Assistance/Plumbing issue. Police were called to a business in the 80 block of Mahtomedi Avenue after water had flooded the shop's main area. The owner requested police break down the door of business next door to shut off the water. Instead police contacted the owners of the neighboring business who live nearby. They came and shut off the water.

Theft. A gas furnace worth $1,000 was taken from a home under construction in the 200 block of Juniper Street.

NOV. 22

Dispute. The owner of a vehicle that had been repossessed in the 500 block of Homewood complained to police the repo man damaged his lawn. Police contacted the repossession agent, who admitted the owner was "not happy" his vehicle was being repossessed.


NOV. 16

Unsafe change of course. The driver of a vehicle in the area of 170th Street and Olinda Trail was given a written warning after an officer observed him make a sharp right-hand turn and cut off another vehicle.


NOV. 20

Squad car vs. opossum. An officer driving south in the 4000 block of Stagecoach Trail was unable to prevent hitting an opossum in the road. The officer dispatched the injured animal after the accident.


NOV. 16

Attempted scam. A woman in the 18000 block of Layton Avenue reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be her grandson who needed $2,500 to get him out of jail in Mexico. The woman was suspicious and gave out no information. When police called the number back, whoever answered claimed to be at the U.S. Embassy. When they found out it was the police, they had some choice words before hanging up.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.