OCT. 17

Theft. A pair of Ugg boots was taken from a student's gym locker at Oak-Land Junior High, 820 Manning Av. Another student was wearing the boots the next day and was persuaded to give them back.


OCT. 19

Farm assistance. Police were asked to stop traffic in the 15000 block of Manning Trail to allow cattle to move across the road.

OCT. 20

Deer tag. Police issued a deer tag to a resident in the 12000 block of Partridge Court where a deer had been struck and killed by a vehicle.


OCT. 14

Driving violation/DWI. Police pulled a vehicle over after observing it run a red light in the 7300 block of 10th Street, causing a vehicle with the green light to slam on its brakes. The driver displayed signs of intoxication, failed field sobriety tests and registered a .17 percent blood-alcohol content on a preliminary breath test, police said. He was charged with DWI and cited for his driving infraction.


OCT. 14

Theft. A handicapped parking tag was taken from a vehicle in the parking lot of Scandia Lutheran Church, 20192 County Road 8.


OCT. 20

Animal concern. Police responded to a report of two dogs walking on the roof of a home in the 700 block of Maple Street. No dogs were on the roof when police arrived, but their owner admitted he let his two dogs walk out a window onto the roof regularly, stating that they "have good balance." He was advised not to let them on the roof because of possible animal endangerment issues.


OCT. 19

Vandalism. While on patrol, an officer noticed several pumpkins smashed in the road in the 2000 block of Oakgreen Avenue.


OCT. 14

Bear sighting. Police followed up on a report of a bear walking around the area of Dell Lane and Woodbine Avenue. Police were unable to find a bear but did come across a flock of wild turkeys.

OCT. 15

Dine and dash. Three diners left the Applebee's at 10150 Hudson Road without paying their full bill. The three women were overheard by other patrons discussing how they didn't have enough for the bill and should leave. They left two gift cards on the table but were still $11 short on their bill.

OCT. 19

Suspicious activity. Police responded to a report of two males walking around a home in the 9100 block of Brentwood, banging on windows and doors. When police arrived they could hear a man yelling "Let me in!" The complainant told police the man was her husband. The husband explained he was only trying to scare his wife and daughter. His wife told him he was successful.

OCT. 20

Phone scam. Someone in the 300 block of Gironde Court reported receiving several calls from someone supposedly in Stillwater Prison. The complainant doesn't know anyone in Stillwater Prison and determined the calls were part of a scam. The complainant did not provide any personal or financial information and was advised by police to put his number on a do-not-call list for cellphones.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.