By Todd Nelson, filling in for Douglas:

Preliminary reports from the National Weather Service out of Birmingham, Ala., suggest that Sunday's tornado in southern Lee County, near Beauregard, was an EF4 with winds of 170 mph. Nearly two dozen people died, which is more than all of 2018's tornado death count.

Minnesota averages one tornado in March — but on March 6, 2017, three were reported across the state. These were the earliest known tornadoes in Minnesota's history. The previous record was March 18, 1968.

Weather closer to home is downright ridiculous. My towering 5-5 frame is finding it difficult shovel over snowbanks that are as tall as Shaquille O'Neal. Adding insult to injury, my face is still numb from subzero windchills that are unfit for March standards.

The metro area will continue to warm through the rest of the week. Highs around freezing are possible by the weekend, but we may be in for another round of shovelable snow.

I need a nap. A long one.