It sounds like wide receiver Javon Walker is at Winter Park and could be on the field for today's single practice.

The Vikings moved their practice time back an hour and now will begin the session in the early afternoon. The Vikings have yet to officially announce Walker's signing.

By the way, it's interesting to note that Walker had cartilage-replacement surgery on his knee in Jerusalem in March 2009 because the procedure is not approved in the United States or Canada. Walker told the New York Times in a December 2009 article that the recovery time from the surgery was half of what it would have been if he had had the procedure doctors recommended in the United States.

The interesting thing is Walker had the procedure performed by Canadian Dr. Anthony Galea, who at the time was under criminal investigation in the United States. According to the story in the Times, which can be found here, Galea was suspected of providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs.

Walker told the Times: “He’s a person who just wants to help and heal. And the world is going to soon know about him.”

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