MADISON, Wis. — Republican Gov. Scott Walker says in a new campaign attack ad that his Democratic opponent Tony Evers would put "everyone at risk" with his plan for reducing prison populations.

Walker unleashed the new ad Wednesday. He calls Evers' support for cutting the prison population in half "dangerous," saying it would result in the release of "felons who've committed rape, assault robbery, and even kidnapping."

Evers supports a goal to halve Wisconsin's prison population, but experts say to do that he would need to release some violent offenders early because they account for over half of the total prison population.

Evers' spokesman Sam Lau accuses Walker of resorting to "disgusting scare tactics" and is hiding from his own mismanagement of the state's prisons.

Evers supports a variety of criminal justice reforms, but does not back releasing violent offenders early.

He has not yet released an exact plan.