Wal-Mart's sale on turkeys at only 40 cents a pound was supposed to end today, but after disappointing so many customers who went away turkey-less due to sellouts, the Wal-Mart Supercenters will be extending the sale through this week, said Christi Davis Gallagher, a senior PR manager.

Davis Gallagher said the response was "remarkable," so if you haven't gotten a turkey yet, there's still time. Again, Wal-Mart says that the price is good while quantities last this week. Although I did not see the turkeys, I am told by readers that Butterball is one brand. In the original ad, Wal-Mart did not specify the brand. It limits buyers to two turkeys.

All of this may be irrelevant to Cub shoppers. As I reported yesterday, Cub's price on a Jennie-O (locally-produced) is 39 cents a pound through Wednesday, November 25 (limit one).

As for my gentle readers who are complaining about the quality and inhumanity of cheaply produced meat, I appreciate your concerns. I am disappointed that the complainers don't mention any local farmers who sell turkeys not raised in inhumane conditions. But I'm getting paid to provide the info and they aren't, so here are few suggestions. Try Clancey's Meat & Fish in Minneapolis, any location of Fresh & Natural, Lunds, Byerly's, Kowalski's, Grassroots Gourmet in Midtown Global Market and the St. Paul farmer's market on Saturdays. The SPFM, open year round, has about four meat producers, some of whom raise turkeys. Expect to pay a lot higher price, and order soon or you'll be outta luck. I just checked Grassroots Gourmet in Minneapolis. The owner has about six 12 to 14 pound turkeys left to reserve at $3.29 per pound.