It’s been reported in several venues that Wal-Mart is seling T-shirts aimed at that rich, broad demographic known as Bronies, Equestria Daily notes that they didn’t quite get it right:



Perhaps because I have a young daughter, I can tell you what’s wrong with this. Wrong Ponies. Those are old, non-hip MLP design. The lettering is amusing; that’s the Iron Maiden font, which makes sense if they’re attempting to draw a line to the 80s MLP design, but there were no Bronies then. At least one can hope.

ADS This is cute, but man, it takes its time getting its point across.

Hats off to the owners of Angel Recording Studios in north London for allowing in 90 toddlers to play with assorted musical instruments and an audio recording kit during a two-day shoot for baby food company Cow & Gate. The end result, which broke in the U.K. on TV and online today, (October 9) is "Supergroup"--a commercial which, thanks to the supreme patience of its makers and judicious editing, is surely destined for both social and awards success (note: Watch the spot before reading further. You’ll appreciate the payoff a little more)

You may wince when the kid picks up the violin. But wait for it. The story regards this as having a “payoff,” but I think it may be the best argument against early childhood music lessons.



DOG  This is starting to go viral, as they say of anything except viruses, thanks to a Reddit user. As the dyslexic skeptic said, can Dog make an object so large He cannot move it?





ART Short stories by Robert Bruce. Really short stories. Trust me: you can imagine a movie based on each sentence. 


D’OH The Simpsons opening IRL. It’s a few months old, but it’s new to me. Am I just suffering an excess of morning coffee, or do you find yourself leaning forward, thinking: faster. Speed it up. FASTER.





COMICS This has to be the first time this has ever happened: in today's Strib Variety section, simultaneous side-by-side Easter Island references.


Zits, as usual, is better. It's a better-drawn strip, and usually funnier. (In the context of "comic page funny," anyway.) That Grimm thing has been going on for what, 40 years? Why did it start? Whats the point? We'll figure out the meaning of the Easter Island statues before that one's explained.

Have a find day; bundle up. See you around.