Sartell, Minn.-based tech firm W3i said on Wednesday it is launching a $10 million fund that will provide marketing dollars to promising mobile game developers.

W3i, which specializes in promoting desktop and mobile apps, said it would aid qualified developers by providing product support, advice and help getting more active users for the app.

Ryan Weber, W3i’s senior vice president of product development said in an e-mail that he expects to have more than 50 apps that participate in the program, with a focus on free mobile social games.

“Our main concern is that the game concept appeals to (a) large enough audience to potentially deliver on being a hit and with our support,” Weber said. “We will do everything we can to help it become one.”

W3i said each deal made under the fund will be different and based on the developer’s performance.

W3i said in general, it will take a percentage of the earnings from the funding it gives to the developer for acquiring users, but that percentage is capped at a certain amount.

“W3i will look to recoup all of its funds plus a small amount to cover the risk,” the company said in an e-mail.