Star Tribune reporter Alex Ebert sends this update from the field.

Volunteers snacked and sweated as dozens piled into the already crowded Matt Entenza campaign headquarters in St. Paul.

As of 8:50, Entenza was still nowhere to be found.

Door-knockers returned in droves and dove into the cookies, tortilla chips and bottled water as the room temperature quickly shot over the night heat outside.

Staffers swigged down pop and volunteers exchanged stories about the campaign, while an advisor claimed that only three percent of precincts were reporting, so nothing was for sure.

Mahad Salah of Minneapolis and Deeka Jama of Plymouth both took a rest inside and sipped on water. They had been door knocking and passing out pamphlets since 8 a.m. in Somali communities.

The room was buzzing. What was a ghost town only an hour before was now beyond packed, all waiting for Entenza and the results.

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