It was hard to believe, what we saw that is. I am a Vikings' optimist, but I did not see us dominating in such a way as to feel confident. And yet as Toby Gerhart handed his old coach chance after chance, I knew we would still hold. 

Minnesota's defense held San Francisco to 280 total yards. They rushed for a mere 89. They sacked Alex Smith three times, with Jared Allen's first seasonal sack and forced fumble sealing the game. Or was it Josh Robinson's late pick? Whichever, the Vikings won despite punting or fumbling their last five offensive series. 

It was mostly defense that gave fans a sudden swagger. Chad Greenway was everywhere, totaling 13 tackles. Alex Smith was pressured repeatedly by the defensive line, forcing incompletions where touchdowns used to exist. And the secondary played well. Really. Well, except for a few near plays.

This case in point was highlighted by the Purple's response to the 94-yard kick return by the 49ers' Williams in the early 2nd half. Minnesota held San Francisco to a field goal, gaining only three yards. Then, the 49ers marched 86 yards and scored a touchdown in the subsequent possession. It was beginning to look like our formula for losing in early 2011. But not this year.. The last five 49ers' drives netted 65 yards combined, with three turnovers, two punts, and a rare 'three-and-out'. Minnesota proudly diplayed a tough defense. All game.

Last week's loss to the Colts had most of us feeling sour. A golden opportunity to go 2-0 wasted. The pessimists took over. They chastised Frazier and Musgrave. They wondered about Christian Ponder. And they lamented about the defense. 

Where are they now?

Yes, I know, do not get too excited, it is only three weeks into a season coming off of two losing ones. But did you see some of the statistics of this game? How about the fact that Minnesota held the ball for 33:28 compared to 26:32 for the 49ers. We had 25 first downs. We were 7-14 in 3rd down conversions. Adrian Peterson had 107 total yards. Percy Harvin had 98. And Ponder did not get sacked nor intercepted. 

Things are finer in Minnesota than they have been in a long time. 


** On a sad note, I say farewell to Roger Lipelt. He coached my boys at Providence Academy, and my brother-in-law at Wayzata many years ago. A great man whom I will remember for charitable work, positive outlook, faith, and clever sayings. When I coach the 7th graders I hear myself saying 'this kid could play Fridays or Saturdays'. And I will always remember my boys taking a knee on the sidelines of every Lions' play. Always. Roger made a difference in so many lives. 

Roger died of cancer after a glorious battle in which he taught us how to do that, too. Always coaching.



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