It is good to be Sam Bradford, Monday Morning Quarterback explained this week.

The Vikings quarterback is one of few NFL players to experience contract leverage more than once throughout their careers. This uncommon advantage has amassed Bradford a small fortune of $114 million in eight NFL seasons with three teams and earned him a spot among the highest-paid players in NFL history. 

Bradford's total earnings are set to increase, yet again, as he enters a contract year already making top dollar.

In a league built on big contracts, but little guaranteed money, Bradford’s feat is impressive, especially considering he has never played in the Pro Bowl.

Andrew Brandt of MMQB wrote, “In a business tilted toward management, the number of NFL players who win in the business of football can be counted on two hands, if not one.”

Bradford is on that list.

The No. 1 pick in the 2010 draft entered the league before the current collective bargaining agreement was implemented and limited rookie salaries. He guaranteed himself $50 million with the former St. Louis Rams and in total made $65 million in five seasons with the team.

“The Eagles’ Missed Opportunity” was worth $24 million to Bradford. Now “Minnesota’s Misfortune” of losing quarterback Teddy Bridgewater before the 2016 season put Bradford in position to earn $25 million from the Vikings and leverage a nice contract extension.

“One quarterback who has never been categorized as “elite” is now enjoying contract leverage for an extraordinary third time, with three different teams,” Brandt wrote. “Sam Bradford is fast becoming a hero to the labor side in the business of football. …

“The Vikings will soon be coming to Bradford to offer more money and more years just like the Rams and Eagles—teams that each paid at least $24 million to a quarterback who never made the Pro Bowl.”

Brandt explains why Bradford's timing was invaluable to his financial picture and much more about how he amassed a fortune. Read it here

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