Two lighter things to calm your nerves as we approach kickoff:

1) In case you haven't already seen it, yes, the "Pants on the Ground" guy was at the Vikings' team meeting today. Awesome.

2) That picture is of Miss Minnesota, Brooke Kelly Kilgarriff, and Miss Louisiana, Katherine Putnam, in Las Vegas this week playfully posing for a "put up your dukes" picture.

Have to say, we like Miss Minnesota's reach.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Cooney, BRAINtrust Marketing + Communications).

We will reiterate our belief that the Vikings prevail this week. Last week it was for practical reasons; this week, it's more visceral. Either way, we think by 9 p.m. tonight fans in this state who are 33 and under will be preparing to see the Vikings in the Super Bowl (almost certainly against the Colts, it seems at this point) for the first time in their lives. Final score: 38-27. We'll see if everyone's heart can take it.

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