You'll note that yesterday we posted a video of a man identified as Paul Molitor who was part of a "Cheesehead Orchestra." It was, indeed, Hall of Famer and St. Paul's own Paul Molitor. That has been confirmed.

But we had a chance to talk to Molitor on Thursday evening on a variety of subjects -- Q&A to come on Sunday's Page 2 of the Star Tribune -- and we hashed out exactly what was going on in the video. He'll give the full story in the Q&A, but we did want to clear up where his football rooting interest lies:

"They asked me to be a part of a spoof, and I went along with it," Molitor said. "Believe me, my role had nothing to do with loyalties. ... I've never lost my purple loyalty."

Paul Molitor might have played many years with the Brewers, but he is a Vikings fan. One Of Us. Just so you know.

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