Ceremonial first pitches before baseball games are usually benign events. Even the least athletic among us can hope to throw a ball somewhere in the vicinity of home plate, even if it bounces a couple times or veers off-target a little.

But there are some notable exceptions in history. When you Google “50 Cent,” for instance, the first autocomplete suggestion has nothing to do with his music career. Rather, it’s “first pitch.”

Because of this:

Former Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory has a subhead on his Wikipedia page titled “Opening Day Pitch Debacle.”

Because of this:

And now we have a new entrant into the all-time first pitch of shame contest. A White Sox employee, who reportedly recently had been named an employee of the month in the organization, got a pretty cool honor by getting tabbed for the toss before Tuesday’s game against the Royals.

The only problem was that her aim was … well, it was not great. It was worse than not great. Ouch.

IN HER DEFENSE, as captured in the screen grab above, the photographer’s flash did go off right before she released the ball.

By the way, if I ever get to throw out a first pitch, I’m either going to throw it as hard as possible (upper 60s heat, followed by a torn shoulder labrum) or dust off the knuckleball that once caused my American Legion head coach to storm out to the mound swearing after I threw it on an 0-2 pitch that was smoked for a base hit.

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