Trap is set in ‘Deception IV’

When it comes to guilty pleasures, few games will make you feel as gleefully guilty as “Deception IV: Blood Ties.” As with previous games in the series, the goal is brutally simple: Lure adversaries into a mansion and dispatch them by setting dungeon-style traps. Snare them in the jaws of a bear trap, fire arrows from slits in the wall or unleash a swinging axe from the ceiling. Chain-reaction combos earn more rewards. There’s some anime-sourced mumbo-jumbo about being the devil’s daughter, who’s missing pieces of a lost seal (and most of her clothing), but don’t let the plodding plot stand in the way of an excellent strategy game in which timing is key. A 10-part tutorial helps players navigate the learning curve. The resulting mayhem isn’t high art, but it is highly entertaining — for mature gamers. $60 for PS3, $40 for Vita; rated Mature