Tucker, a Shetland Sheepdog-terrier mix with a pronounced underbite aka Dracula.

Our Halloween Pet Costume Contest got hundreds of entries: Here are the best

From witches to wizards, our contest elicited some scary, wacky and creative outfits for four-legged fur kids.
There were plenty of smells everywhere for four-legged baseball finds to find at CHS Field in St. Paul.

It's a bark in the park for hundreds of dogs attending St. Paul Saints game

May 27, 2018
The minor league team put its diamond in the ruff and welcomed pooches on a warm holiday weekend night.
Katie Mills, 16, of Lakeville played with Moose at the Cafe Meow in Minneapolis. His collar warned “play only, don’t pet.”

Get a dose of kitties and caffeine at Twin Cities' only cat cafe

July 31, 2018
The Cafe Meow in Minneapolis showcases felines up for adoption.
Kids can easily be taught how to behave around dogs.

Teach your children how to 'read' a dog

June 14
Kids don't necessarily know how to behave around dogs, but they can easily be taught.
Angus has mellowed since last year, and he is mostly well-behaved, though he still barks at strangers, both human and canine.

The Puppy Chronicles: Yes, Angus misbehaves, but he also does a lot of things right

June 8
Sure, Angus misbehaves. But it's time to recognize his virtues, too.
There are different rules for different airlines.
Don't Miss

Dogs on a plane? It's getting harder to do

May 31
Many airlines, including Delta, now require international pet travel to be booked with an IPATA-certified pet relocator.
Angus is eager for us to take down the fencing and let him at the new grass.

With two big dogs and a shady yard, mud season lasts all summer

May 24
Twenty years of busy dogs and maturing trees have rendered our backyard grassless. Angus doesn't care — bare ground is easy to dig. And so he digs.

The Puppy Chronicles: A dog door stymies Angus

May 10
When we replaced a torn screen with an actual dog door, Rosie was fine — but Angus was flummoxed.

Sgt. Stubby was hailed as 'the most decorated dog' of the 20th century

May 3
A World War I hero dog and spy-chomper was awarded the rank of sergeant.
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