Tucker, a Shetland Sheepdog-terrier mix with a pronounced underbite aka Dracula.

Our Halloween Pet Costume Contest got hundreds of entries: Here are the best

From witches to wizards, our contest elicited some scary, wacky and creative outfits for four-legged fur kids.
There were plenty of smells everywhere for four-legged baseball finds to find at CHS Field in St. Paul.

It's a bark in the park for hundreds of dogs attending St. Paul Saints game

May 27
The minor league team put its diamond in the ruff and welcomed pooches on a warm holiday weekend night.
Katie Mills, 16, of Lakeville played with Moose at the Cafe Meow in Minneapolis. His collar warned “play only, don’t pet.”

Get a dose of kitties and caffeine at Twin Cities' only cat cafe

July 31
The Cafe Meow in Minneapolis showcases felines up for adoption.
It was on a morning walk in November when an unleashed German shepherd ran up to Angus and began to bark and growl.

The Puppy Chronicles: An encounter with a German shepherd

December 7
When the big unleashed dog raced toward us, all I could do was shout.
Dry eyes are among the common problems faced by older dogs.

How to know if your older pet is having vision problems and what to do about it

November 30
Vision problems are a common concern in older pets.
Avoid knucklebones such as this one is one of the pieces of advice we got for training young Angus.

The Puppy Chronicles: Advice and love for Angus from readers

November 23
Readers love their dogs — and they share that love with Angus. They also share tips and advice.

Pets: When your dog growls at you

November 16
Despite his training, our rescue dog still goes a bit feral over certain foods.
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