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Popular cookie dough food truck expanding to Mall of America with new shop

A quirky dessert truck that started out as an Instagram sensation on wheels now has a new brick-and-mortar home.

Dough Dough, the rolling Twin Cities dessertery that peddles edible eggless cookie dough, will expand its operation to a new location in the Mall of America this fall, according to a press release.

The food truck, owned by O’Cheeze owners Haley and Tony Fritz, first hit the streets in May of this year, serving up “cookies by the spoonful.” It quickly drew lines and social media lore. (See a video about the cookie dough craze here.)

“Dough Dough has been so popular that we have had trouble getting cookie dough to all the people that want it,” the husband-and-wife duo said. “MOA is going to be a great outlet for us! Cookie dough for everyone.”

Dough Dough’s new digs, a 600-square-foot space on level 3, north (across from Doc Popcorn) is expected to debut in late fall.

Freebie alert: Star Tribune's lip balm flavor revealed for Minnesota State Fair

There are more than 80 food items served on-a-stick at the Minnesota State Fair.

Now, fairgoers can add a freebie to that list.

Well, sort of.

Visitors to the Star Tribune booth (find it on Carnes Avenue at Clough Street, in front of the grandstand ramp) can pick up a free tube of "Stick" flavored lip balm. While supplies last, of course.

Free lip balm -- in summertime, fair-themed flavors -- is a Star Tribune fair tradition. Previous incarnations have spotlighted the wonders of bacon, mini-donuts, ketchup, mustard and fresh-cut grass. 

No word on whether then-Vice President Theodore Roosevelt's famous "Speak softly and carry a big stick" speech -- delivered at the Minnesota State Fair's Grandstand on Sept. 2, 1901 -- had anything to do with this year's "Stick" theme.

The Minnesota State Fair opens Aug. 24th and runs through Sept. 4.

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