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Brown Creeper diet

Brown Creepers use a non-stop foraging technique as they hunt for food in the cracks and crevices of tree trunks and branches. They appear to never pause long enough to actually capture the insects they seek. In the photo, a Brown Creeper has just pulled a tiny spider from behind a piece of bark. Given the size of the prey, it's no wonder they work ceasely and quickly to find food. It takes many spiders to fuel a creeper day, particularly in the winter. This photo was taken on a cold, blustery day in late April. The second photo, taken  elsewhere, illustrates the camoflauge the bird has developed to give it safety as it works in a relatively open fashion.

Golden Eagle nest

A few days ago, driving west on U.S. Highway 2 near Shelby, Montana, we came upon this Golden Eagle nest. The only other one I've seen was at a great distance in Alaska some years ago. This nest was about 50 feet off the road, easily watched if it weren't for complete lack of highway shoulders there, and traffic with Montana's attitude about speed. A second adult bird was at the nest until just before we had our 15 seconds of opportunity to take photos. There were two chicks in the nest, possibly three. 

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