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Some bird species in France reported in serious decline

Birds in agricultural areas in France are reported to be in long-term serious decline.


Scientists wonder of this is reflected in other European countries.


A story about regional and national reports of this appeared in the April 11 edition of The New York Times.


The declines are said to be impacting even common species, generalists in habitat and food preferences, species adapted to living among humans.


This report follows another detailing what is termed a “devastating” loss in insects in Germany. Insects are reported to have declined by nearly 80 percent in the past 40 years. 


This loss is thought to be happening throughout Europe.


France and other European countries are experiencing significant expansion of land being used for agriculture and chemicals used to control insects. 


Loss of habitat and a food mainstay are possible (probable?)

causes of shrinking bird numbers, here as well as in Europe.


Hawk is seen as a threat by crows

Crows have a reputation as troublesome neighbors, sometimes raiding songbird nests for eggs and chicks. Crows themselves have neighbors like that, and work hard to drive them away. This Red-tailed Hawk drew a crew of four crows as it apparently drifted into the wrong neighborhood. Crows are well-armed for attack, but as in its other forays, this one did no damage. It wouldn’t be a fair fight if the hawk decided to respond.

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