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Greengirls, gardening and games at the fair

Got a plant question or want to brag about your flourishing flower and veggie gardens?

Head to the State Fair Star Tribune booth to hang out with the Greengirls bloggers. Play a game that tests your knowledge about what you can or can't compost and what's a garden friend or foe  -- and win prizes, too.

Greengirls will be at the Strib booth -  right at the bottom of the Grandstand ramp - from 1 to 3 p.m. Aug. 31 and 5 to 7 p.m. Sept. 2.

We welcome all green thumbs – from novices to know-it-alls.

State Fair here we come!

A must-stop for any gardener at the Minnesota State Fair is the Agriculture building.  It teams with apples, canned goods, flower shows and honeybees! 

Many years back, I entered a couple items in the honeybee area.  I was pleased with my results.  The experience was fun and I’m truly amazed at how everything comes together.  As an exhibitor, you strain to assure your entry is nice, clean, attractive… “blue-ribbon” (pun intended).  Then you need to follow the rules in the book.  It gives you a whole new view on the exhibits you see every year.

Looking at the canning I’ve done recently, I considered whether they should be entered at the Fair.  Are the slices of cucumbers consistent; does the brine settle to quickly; are there too many onions?  Are they blue ribbon – not this year.  But are they delicious – you bet.

So you won’t see any of my pickles or honey this year at the Fair, but you can see the Greengirls.  August 3 (1-3) and September 2 we will be at the Star Tribune booth by the Grandstand.  We will be playing “compost or not” again this year as well as a new game, “Good or Bad.”  The games are lively and fun -- with prizes galore.   

The Greengirls will be posting some garden-amazing things they see at the Fair too.  So if you can’t get to the Fair, keep posted to and you’ll get your fix.

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