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Three official Prince books due at 'Celebration' at Paisley Park

Photo by Chris O'Meara/ Associated Press

Photo by Chris O'Meara/ Associated Press

You’ve heard about Prince’s estate selling rights for music and merchandising. But have you heard about the Prince books in the works?

No, not those by every enterprising photographer and writer who spent some time with the Purple One — or the People magazine-excerpted tome by Mayte Garcia, his first wife.

We’re talking about three official Prince books that will be part of “The Celebration,” set for April 20-23 at Paisley Park in Chanhassen. There will be three hardcover books — the Celebration, one about Prince fashion and another one about his musical instruments.

They will each cost about $35, according to Joel Weinshanker, owner of Graceland Holdings LLC, which runs Paisley Park as a museum.

What’s happening with his Prince’s own memoir, announced in a Random House deal in early 2016? “No comment,” Weinshanker said.

Dylan's handwritten lyrics for unpublished song 'Wisconsin' are for sale

Associated Press/ Simon & Schuster

Associated Press/ Simon & Schuster

Bob Dylan mentions Minnesota or the North Country in a few of his songs. But he never wrote a full-on tune about his home state as he apparently did about our neighboring state.

“Wisconsin” is an unpublished 1961 Dylan song. Handwritten lyrics for the song are going up for auction on Thursday, with a starting bid of $30,000.

According to Nate D. Sanders Auctions, Dylan penned the tune in November 1961 in New York City and gave it to Peter Crago, a former roommate.

Courtesy of, here are the lyrics, complete with misspellings, including the city Wauwatosa:

"1. Wisconson [sic] is the dairy state
I guess you all know well
I was in Wow Wow Toaster there
The truth to you I'll tell
It's milk & cheese & cream
I've known 'em all my days
I'm going back to my hometown I'm leaving right aways

2. I'm a heading out Wisconson ways
2000 miles to go
Madison, Milwakee
[sic] set's my heart aglow
I'm a coming to that dairy state
My heart's a beating fast
I'll jerk my banjo gently there
And twiddle my mustache

3. There's thoughts I left there long ago
One a coming now it seems
I'll tune my banjo than the hills
And feast on milk and cream
And stamp my foot all thru the grass
And never know a care
My homes in Wow Wow Toaster
And I'm a going there

The song continues on the verso:

1. These people with you city ways
Are driving me insane to drink
My home's in Wisconson it's a better place I think
I've been in California
My home's in Wisconson
And I’m gonna own the town 

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