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Dave Matthews Band's two-part Xcel Center set list

File photo from when DMB played Xcel Energy Center in 2010. / Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune

File photo from when DMB played Xcel Energy Center in 2010. / Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune

Click here for the review of Wednesday’s deluxe-edition Dave Matthews Band concert. Here are the set lists below.

Don’t look for any photo gallery from the show, though. Those laid-back, good-vibes-generating hippies required local photographers to sign ultra-rigid, legalese-filled release forms that went above and beyond what most acts ask of media, and photographers from both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press at the arena Wednesday did not shoot the show as a result. Oh well. It’s not like ol' Dave was sporting a new Marilyn Manson-like ghoulish get-up or an enormous beer belly. He pretty much looked the same as he did the last five or six times we photographed him.


A Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum cover) / The Needle and the Damage Done (Neil Young cover) / Oh / The Stone / When the World Ends / Recently /  Typical Situation / Tripping Billies / I'll Back You Up / Grace Is Gone


Seek Up / Drive In, Drive Out / Proudest Monkey / Satellite / Black and Blue Bird / Squirm / So Much to Say / Anyone Seen the Bridge / Too Much / Virginia in the Rain / Lie in Our Graves / Digging a Ditch / You Might Die Trying           ENCORE: Sister / Belly Belly Nice

Are changes afoot at MPR?

APM's Jon McTaggart

Anyone who has read an internal memo that ends with "we cannot succeed with 'business as usual'"  knows what's probably coming: Financial cuts and layoffs.

That's the safe assumption to make after receiving a copy of an email sent out Monday by Jon McTaggart, president and CEO of American Public Media, the parent company for Minnesota Public Radio:

The email, confirmed by at least one employee, reads as follows:

 “Between now and the end of July, we will be making changes across the American Public Media Group (APMG) that will enable us to focus our resources in ways that will create stronger and even better experiences for our audiences.  We will organize our work differently and set new priorities for how we spend our time and our money.  We will stop some programming and create capacity for new content and innovative audience services.  We will eliminate and change positions in some departments, and create capacity for new positions in others…Leaders in each area will implement their decisions and discuss details with you over the coming weeks. Collectively, these changes will enable us to expand our services in health, education and sustainability – adding to our current strengths in business and public affairs journalism, and classical and contemporary music. We will invest in distinctive on-demand offerings, in growing and knowing our audiences, and in developing new ways to earn greater support for our public service. We started this work two years ago when we launched Audiences First, and now we must accelerate our pace of change…We cannot succeed with “business as usual.”  


Some inside the public-radio walls are speculating that the reason for the siren has to do with the struggle to get institutional funding, a fairly common problem these days. An APM spokesperson denies that is the case. In fact, this person says, APM is growing and is working under a balanced budget.

While the Star Tribune has yet to learn of any household names getting the axe, some layoffs have already taken place in the last 24 hours, according to an insider.

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