A couple of updates are in order.

First, two certificates of real estate value were filed in Hennepin County last week for Calhoun Square -- it sold for $69.5 million. The buyer was The Ackerberg Group of Minneapolis.

We initially wrote about the deal here. In 2007, the Uptown shopping center changed hands for the second time in three years, when BlackRock, a New York investment firm, bought it for $47.3 million.

In addition. . .Urban Organics, the St. Paul indoor aquaponics farm, is officially open for business. The ground-breaking operation is located in the historic (and previously abandoned) Hamm's Brewery building in East St. Paul. We wrote about it initially here, then my colleague Jeff Strickler followed here and here.

Aquaponics is the combined culture of fish and hydroponic vegetable crops grown in a closed-loop recirculating aquaculture system. Urban Organics is projected to produce 720,000 pounds of greens annually and 150,000 pounds of fish.

Its first crop, organic fresh greens including kale, Swiss chard, Italian parsley and cilantro, are currently on the shelves at select Lunds and Byerly's stores. The tilapia will be available mid-summer.

"Our mission is to inspire a food system for the people, by the people," said Fred Haberman, co-founder and CEO of Haberman, a local PR agency, and co-founder and partner in Urban Organics, in a statement. "We are starting with a community-rooted, self-sustaining aquaponics facility in an area in need of economic revival -- East St. Paul. But this is a test for a movement that can be scaled nationally and internationally. This level of aquaponics could change the world of farming as we know it."

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