Unlimited Digital Access: frequently asked questions

What is unlimited digital access? What do I get when I subscribe?

  • To get unlimited digital access to and Star Tribune apps, you’ll need a subscription. When you subscribe, you can view all the articles, blog posts and other content you want—across all digital platforms. Readers without a subscription are limited to 10 articles per month. Sign up now.

I already get home delivery. Is digital access included?

  • Current subscribers who have the newspaper delivered at least two days per week receive unlimited digital access at no additional charge. This features unlimited access to on any device, plus the full range of Star Tribune news apps for your smartphone (iPhone and Android-powered phones) and your tablet (iPad, Android and Amazon's Kindle Fire).
  • If you receive Sunday-only delivery, you can add unlimited digital access for just a small additional charge.

How do I get started?

  • If you’re a current Star Tribune subscriber you can activate your digital subscription benefits now.
  • No subscription? See your options.

What is included with a Digital Subscription?

  • Visitors to, mobile site, and the iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire apps can read up to 10 stories per month. After that, a digital subscription will be required to read more. Articles and blog posts count toward the 10-story limit, but visitors can browse the homepage, section fronts, headlines, photos, videos, classifieds and obituaries without limits.
  • Access to your iPad app is also included in the subscription. The iPad app will be free to download but will require a digital access subscription or qualifying print subscription to view any content.

How will I know when I’m reaching my monthly limit?

  • Visitors approaching their monthly story limit will receive a pop-up alert notifying them how many free articles remain in the current month.

If I view an article I already viewed, does it count towards the monthly limit?

  • No, if a visitor views an article that has already been read in the current month, it will not count again toward their monthly limit.

Can I access my digital subscription on more than one computer, tablet or smartphone?

  • Yes. Just log in with your login to gain access.

Does a digital subscription include Kindle or Nook e-readers?

  • No. We offer separate subscriptions to Star Tribune content on certain e-reader devices. Subscriptions and sales are handled by the vendors of these devices:

What do I do if I still have questions?

  • For help with digital access and your subscription, contact customer support at or call 612-673-7447 or 1-800-775-4344.