The University of Wisconsin, where several thousand Minnesotans are enrolled annually, ranks among the nation's top party schools, according to Playboy magazine.

The flagship school in the state proud of its production and consumption of beer ranks No. 2 behind West Virginia University, according to the list released by the magazine Wednesday.

Along with the nearly 4,000 Minnesotans who were enrolled at the Madison campus as of the fall 2012 semester, another 900 or so did the same from Wisconsin counties bordering Minnesota, according to the school's enrollment data. No other state exports more students to the University of Wisconsin than Minnesota.

In the first 10 days of Wisconsin students moving in for the current school year, police issued more than two dozen citations for underage drinking and escorted 10 students to a detox facility. Among the most intoxicated were two 19-year-old women: one with a blood-alcohol content level of 0.37 percent and the other with a 0.33 percent level.

Rounding out the Playboy Top 10, in order, are: Colorado, Southern Cal, Florida State, Texas, LSU, Georgia, Arizona State and Maryland.

This year's list was determined by Playboy's editors, who used data from the National Center for Education Statistics, the NCAA, and the U.S. Economic Census, as well as feedback from the magazine's millions of social media followers.

Last year, Virginia was No. 1.