Ben's big fifth birthday is coming up this week.; I asked him what theme he wanted for his cake this year. I was thinking it would be cars or perhaps trains, you know, the usual suspects.

But no, my budding oceanographer said, "I'd like a Basking Shark cake"

Hmmm, I just don'' t think our local bakery has that one in their cake catalog.
If you are unfamiliar with Basking Sharks, they look like a giant rib cage floating through the ocean.
In other words, it wouldn't make an attractive cake. But 5 year old boys don't necessarily like attractive cakes.
The internet saved the day and I actually found a toy Basking Shark. 
I will place it  on top of an under the sea themed cake that the local bakery does indeed design. Problem solved.
( I just hope the Basking Shark doesn't swallow up Nemo.)
For those of you inclined to actually bake birthday cakes (mine turn out like a disaster) check out these unique birthday cakes from
I think I could actually pull off this french fry basket cake   (The french fries are cut up store bought pound cake. I can cut pound cake.)
And these microphone cakes look pretty fool proof too...just some assembly required.
Also very cute - and looks fairly simple. Building Block cake recipe here.
Update:And of course since I first wrote this post over a week ago Ben has redirected his obsession from Basking Sharks to Salamanders.
Just like with decisions on Halloween costumes or what they really, Really, REALLY; hope Santa brings - kids change it up on you after you've made the purchase or commitment.  In this case he has two cake opportunities Basking Shark cake at our little family gathering and some sort of salamander cake at his party in a few weeks with his friends. I think I may need to call in the Ace of Cakes or perhaps this woman..

What unique birthday cake requests have your kids asked for? Were you able to pull it off?