The University of Minnesota asked students to submit 30-second videos about how they are "Driven to Discover," the slogan of the U's marketing campaign. More than 16,600 "votes" (Facebook likes) later, here are the 16 winners.

Many feature pretty shots of campus. One explores the science of aquifers. In another, a nutrition major shows off his extreme rollerblading skills.

Shawn Zwonar, a student in the U's College of Science and Engineering, won first place and $5,000 with a video of his 1,200-mile drive home to New Jersey -- with its 40-plus gallons of fuel and 785 pounds of CO2 emissions. "Driven to discover alternative fuels," the video says. It got 1173 likes.


Robert Nordstrom nabbed second place with a video divided into nine screens, each featuring him playing a different part in the song he wrote. "Simple notes written on a page can express the feelings of us all," he sings among layered strings. "This is why I'm driven to discover and create this gift that we call music."

Nordstrom, a violin performance major in the School of Music, also won $5,000. He got 1106 votes.