Gophers  pitcher TJ Oakes  was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 11th round (348th overall) of the Major League Baseball Draft on Tuesday.

The 6-5, 225-pound right-handed junior from Jordan, was a first team all-Big Ten pick this season. He was 7-3 with a 2.31 ERA.


The U of M board of regents will vote on Thursday whether to approve the first phase of construction for the new Siebert Stadium. They are expected to give the go-ahead.

For a closer look at the plans, click here.

The new ballpark will be a little closer to Jane Elizabeth Cowles Softball Field and angled slightly different than the present field, which needs to be replaced. The bleachers on both sides of the grandstand there have been removed because they are unsafe. As for the field itself, it has a two-foot slope from home plate to center.

It will have seating for 1,400 initially and artificial turf. Estimated cost for Phase 1 construction is $7.134 million.

The field, according to the documents the board of regents received a month ago, will be completed by December, the ballpark by December.

It's annual operating budget will be $73,000.

Parking will be primarily provided by a lot and a ramp across the tracks. Pedestrians can got up a hill to the top of a bridge on 5th St. and then down to the new ballpark.

* A storm in mid-May apparently knocked down one of the nine 30-foot poles holding up the batter's eye in center field, It took part of the outfield fence with it.  The pole was very rotten at its base.

The university wisely cut down the other eight poles since then and the batter's eye, of course, came down to. So did more of the outfield fence because the poles were cut to fall that way. Only one of the other looked decay, but it was still a safety issue because there is a little used walking path nearby.