Vikings safety Tyrell Johnson met with reporters this afternoon. He started off by admitting he made a mistake and handled the situation well.

Johnson was arrested early Tuesday morning on suspicion of DWI.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said earlier that the team will handle the situation internally, but did say Johnson will play on Sunday.

Here's the Q&A with Johnson:

Q: What happened?

A: "I made a mistake. I'm very regretful for the mistake and I'm very blessed and fortunate that nobody got hurt in my mistake and selfishness, and I'm willing to take the necessary steps to do what it takes to get back on track and earn everybody's trust back."

Q: What are those steps?

A: "Just come in and continue to work and do my job. Just show them that I'm truly and genuinely sorry for the mistake. Just to let the world know that I'm sorry for the mistake and continue to try to get better."

Q: Did you know it was a mistake that night?

A: "That's what's disappointing about the situation. The Vikings make a valid effort to give you cards and stuff to call [for rides]. You have to use that stuff. To everybody else or whoever gets in that situation, it's not worth it. You got to make that call if you can't drive home. Even if you think you're good, you're not good. By law, you're not good. Whatever you need to do, get a room or call somebody, there's no embarrassment in that. This is more embarrassing than calling somebody would ever be."

Q: What did Leslie Frazier say?

A: "Just keep your head up. But I do have to regain trust and work my way back and continue to work like I've been doing."

Q: Has this been a trying season?

A: "I think there are struggles in anything you do in any facet of life. It's all about how you respond to it and that you live and learn."

Q: Does the team have a hotline that you can call for rides?

A: "We have numerous amounts of resources. It's all on me. It's a mistake that I made. The help was out there if I needed a ride. You can always take a cab. Or call somebody. There are a lot of different options. It was a poor judgement call."

Update from practice: All 53 players were at practice during the beginning portion that's open to reporters. LB E.J. Henderson, who missed two practices last week because of a swollen left knee, appeared to be limited. CB Chris Cook (groin) had a helmet and was at least a limited participant. The injury report comes out after practice.

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