The Twins on Tuesday restructured their communications and digital communications departments while eliminating one key position.

Dustin Morse, formerly the director of baseball communications and player relations, will have his role expanded, taking the title of senior director, communications.

Chris Iles, formerly the director of corporate and digital communications, will oversee a newly created content department that includes productions, game entertainment and digital and social media. His title will be senior director, content.

The moves come as the organization parted ways with Kevin Smith, formerly the senior director of corporate communications and broadcasting.

Smith joined the Twins in 2006 but his position is being eliminated, with his responsibilities being split between Morse and Iles.

Morse, who joined the Twins in 2006, is taking on corporate communication duties in addition to daily baseball information, media relations and player relations duties. His staff remains unchanged, but everyone is getting new titles. Mitch Hestad is senior manager, communications. Mike Kennedy is communications and publications manager. And Cori Frankenberg is the communications assistant.

Twins President Dave St. Peter said Tuesday that the club plans to hire a broadcast coordinator to act as a liaison with all of their broadcast partners. The moves reflect the Twins’ desire to enhance how information about the club is presented.

“Teams are taking a much more sophisticated approach toward the development of content, stadium production, digital communication and how you are communicating about your team, showcasing your players and building your brand,” St. Peter said.