You're angry. You're frustrated. I get it. You want everyone associated with the Twins ridiculed and fired.

Here I'll respond to the most common responses to my column today, in which I held Terry Ryan responsible for the Twins' woes but did not recommend firing him immediately or expecting him to step down.

-Ryan should leave or be fired immediately?

That might make you feel better, but it wouldn't help the franchise. This isn't a video game. Ryan leaving during the middle of a season would be seen in the clubhouse as a surrender and would leave the Twins without a logical replacement or the ability to conduct an effective immediate search for his successor.

If Ryan goes, the Twins' front office will probably be cleared out. You can't do that during a season. And Ryan leaving of his own accord would be him betraying the people in the organization who owe their careers to him. Not going to happen, no matter how much you want it to. At least not at this point in the season.

-Paul Molitor should be fired?

He's a very smart manager who has the respect of his players. Too many people overrate the positive impact a manager can have.

-The Pohlads should be held responsible?

Sure. They own the team. They hired Terry Ryan. But the notion that if they just spent more money everything would be ok is belied by the nature of the best franchises in baseball. The best franchises win because of their farm systems and trades. Spending a lot of money in free agency usually leads to regrettable contracts. Are the Pohlads responsible for the Twins' woes? Yes. Would spending another $20 million have this team in first place? No. It would give them another pitcher like Phil Hughes or Ricky Nolasco.

-The players should play harder?

There have been a few moments this season when a Twins player didn't run out a ground ball. But for the most part, the players are trying too hard. You can see the tension in Brian Dozier's swing. You can see Danny Santana anxiously trying to steal a base and leaving too soon. You can see MIguel Sano trying to hit every pitch 800 feet.

Sometimes, in baseball, players need to try less hard.

-Ryan should start trading players away?

This, I agree with. Glen Perkins should go. Trevor Plouffe is a good player and an asset, but because of that he's one of the few players the Twins might be able to trade for value. With the organization loaded with outfield prospects, it makes sense to move Miguel Sano to third base and trade Plouffe for an arm.

If the Twins can trade Kevin Jepsen, Phil Hughes or Ricky Nolasco, they should do so.

I've seen suggestions that the Twins should trade Dozier. No. He's at low value and he's a better player than he's showing right now.


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