Here are some thoughts following the Twins win over the Angels:

CAN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PITCHING: Twins pitchers have been pretty good so far this season. The starting rotation has been very good. The bullpen has had a couple of hiccups but hasn't been too shabby. I don't know if I did it enough justice in my game story, but Twins pitchers held the Angels without a hit over the last eight innings of the game. All L.A. managed for baserunners was a walk and one who reached via an error. That might have been the best I've seen Michael Tonkin throw. He's a different pitcher when he can get ahead in the count. And he seemed to gain a lot of confidence when he struck out Mike Trout and Albert Pujols in the 11th. He hadn't pitched since Wednesday, so he was really fresh.

OZZIE ARCIA: He's a different hitter. In the sixth inning, he embarrassed the shift by poking an outside pitch down the line for a single, moving Trevor Plouffe to third at the time. Then with two outs in the 12th, he went with the pitch again and had the game-winning hit. He has responded to the adversity he dealt with when he was left in the minors and batted .199.

BUXTON'S WHEELS: Stealing bases isn't Buxton's best trait. He has blazing speed but still is learning about getting the best leads and jumps and reading pitchers. The Twins set him up for success on Sunday when he got on first base in the 12th inning. Huston Street was on the mound for the Angels, and he doesn't have a quick delivery to the plate. The Twins knew they could get Buxton into scoring position, and Buxton was able to swipe second base so Arcia could drive him in.

GOOD VIBES:The Twins really needed this weekend. "We were saying we were still confident,'' Trevor Plouffe said, "but no one would believe us until we started winning games.'' Well, they looked like a weight was lifted off their shoulders this weekend, They are back to having fun. The new prank is to stick bubblegum on someone without them knowing it. Someone got Kevin Jepsen on Sunday, and he pitched the ninth inning with a wad of gum on his uniform. The dance parties are back. The Twins have built a custom table with wheels for Trevor May to drop his equipment into so he can spin during victory parties. They just wheel in the entire system, plug it in and start playing. Brian Dozier has bought an entire sound system that is louder than the system the club already has installed in the clubhouse. And, this weekend, the boys were able to enjoy their new toys.

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