Three thoughts following the Twins' victory over Cleveland:

SUPER CENTENO: Juan Centeno hit .375 for the Twins during spring training and looked as if he knew he was doing at the plate. For the game story, I mentioned how Paul Molitor was impressed with Centeno when he was willing to catch Tommy Milone in a simulated game after they were rained out in Bradenton. I remember always seeing Centeno around the weight room. There were a couple of times I walked by with the door was open and he was the only one in there. He's listed at 5-9 and 195 pounds. I'm listed at 5-9 and I look down on him. It's neat to see guys like Centeno do well. Backup catchers often toil in the minors for years before getting chances. And most backup catchers don't hit. Let's see if he can keep his bat sharp while coming off the bench, which is hard to do.

BUSY DAY FOR MAUER: Joe Mauer had two hits and hit a third ball hard on Saturday, but it was one of his busier days in the field. He was part of a 3-6-1 double play in the first inning. Then he pulled off a 3-6-3 double play in the third (I've have mentioned in the past that he rarely pulls these off). He made a diving stop of Francisco Lindor's smash in the fourth. He dived and caught Yan Gomes' liner in the fifth. He capped his day with an excellent diving catch of Marlon Byrd's liner in the ninth. It might have been one of his best defensive days at first base. ``Joe had a really nice day on both sides of the ball,'' Molitor said

STRANGE SCENE: Play was stopped in the sixth inning by the umpires when blowing rain was getting in the faces of both Twins second baseman Brian Dozier, who was batting, and Indians catcher Yan Gomes. After about a minute, play resumed. The next pitch from Corey Kluber hit Dozier, deflected off of him, then hit Gomes. Dozier is shaking it off while going to first. Gomes is on all fours. You can't make this stuff up. The two people for whom the game was delayed so they could see the ball both got hit.

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