Q: I have been waiting anxiously for the show "The Fall," with Gillian Anderson, to air. I saw the first season and can't find any info on the second season. It is the best police drama ever.

A: So far the series has had two seasons, with five episodes in the first season and six in the second. Both of those seasons are available on Netflix. The first season is also on DVD, with the second expected in March 2016. A third season is in the works, but it may not arrive until 2016.

'Oak Island' back on Nov. 10

Q: Will "The Curse of Oak Island" be coming back?

A: The History Channel series about the search for long-missing treasure (with a possible curse attached) will be back on Nov. 10. It will be preceded by a studio talk show, "The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down."

As for what the third season has in store for treasure hunters Rick and Marty Lagina, History promises: "The Lagina brothers will be launching a three-prong engineering assault on their top three findings from Season 2: the Money Pit, 10-X and the Swamp. They also will welcome new researchers and explore intriguing theories as to what exactly is buried on Oak Island and where X marks the spot."

No more 'Pan Am,' 'Playboy Club'

Q: Do you know what happened to shows about the Pan Am stewardesses and the Playboy Club in Chicago?

A: The first was called "Pan Am," the second "The Playboy Club." "Pan Am" premiered on ABC in 2011, "The Playboy Club" on NBC that same year. Neither show proved popular. "The Playboy Club" lasted just three episodes before being pulled of the air, making it the first cancellation of a broadcast-network show of that season. "Pan Am" lasted longer, but not long enough to make it to a second season.

'The Brink' gets a renewal

Q: "The Brink" is funny, exciting, tense, smutty and profane. I've heard that there will be a second season. Any idea when it will show?

A: HBO has indeed ordered a second run of the series starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins. Look for new episodes sometime in 2016.

Name that tune

Q: Please tell me the name of the theme song and the artist for the TV show "Suits" on USA Network. I look forward to hearing the music every time the show is on.

A: The name of the song is "Greenback Boogie," and the artist is Ima Robot. Yes, that's the band's name.

'Cedar Cove' shot in Canada

Q: Is "Cedar Cove" shot in Washington state?

A: That's a good guess. The town of Cedar Cove was inspired by Port Orchard, Wash., the home of Debbie Macomber, whose books are the basis for the TV series. But the series itself is made in and around Vancouver.

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