Q: I've heard that NBC will not renew "Smash" for a third season. I'm quite disappointed, as I think it's well-done and the music is great. If it is not renewed, do you think a cable station such as AMC might pick it up? Have you heard anything else about the future of the show?

A: Sorry, "Smash" is seen as low-rated, damaged goods. It's unlikely any other network will pick it up.

'Ghost Whisperer' disappears

Q: Why aren't there more episodes of "Ghost Whisperer"? It is the BEST. I'm a huge Jennifer Love Hewitt fan and she is great in this series, along with her supporting cast.

A: "Ghost Whisperer" was canceled in May 2010 due to financial issues, including low ratings. Not enough advertiser-coveted viewers (re: young viewers) were watching it.

'Made in Chelsea' will be back

Q: Will Style Network's "Made in Chelsea" be returning for a second season?

A: According to a Style publicist, the show will be back, but a date has not been announced.

Stars don't always shine

Q: Two new series this year that had Tim Allen and Reba McEntire — can't remember the titles — have not been on for several weeks. I am wondering whether they have been discontinued. I enjoyed both of them.

A: Allen's "Last Man Standing" was renewed; McEntire's "Malibu Country" was canceled.

Gaffe or publicity stunt?

Q: I am convinced that the "foul"-language gaffe on the North Dakota TV station was no accident and was a contrived effort by those involved to get cheap publicity and a spot on the Letterman show. Just a plain scam. Why are the media falling for such tripe? The media are being scammed by one of their own!

A: Ah, the old conspiracy theory. I tend not to buy into conspiracy theories because they require so much organization and most people are not that organized and/or disciplined. Also, that news anchor was last seen working as a bartender in Delaware.

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