Q: Have any of Andy Griffith’s movies been put on home video? I’m especially interested in “Angel in My Pocket.”

A: While Griffith was best known for his TV work in the series “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock,” he did venture into the movies on TV and the big screen.

Titles available on DVD include “No Time for Sergeants” (his acting breakthrough), “A Face in the Crowd” (his greatest role), “Play the Game,” “Murder in Coweta County,” “The Second Time Around,” “Waitress” and “Hearts of the West.” There is also a budget-priced four-movie DVD package with “A Song for the Season,” “Pray for the Wildcats,” “Daddy & Them” and “Street Killing.” “Daddy & Them” is also on Netflix.

His movie “Onionhead” was released on VHS. Although retailers selling videotapes of movies are increasingly rare, I did see it on Amazon. It’s also available there as an Amazon Instant Video.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, “Angel in My Pocket” has not made it to an authorized VHS or DVD, nor did I see it on a couple of streaming sites. This is somewhat surprising since Griffith was popular and the movie got good notices; Roger Ebert called it “a most enjoyable family film.” But it might be that it fell victim to neglect. Even when the movie was new in 1969, Ebert wrote that it was “the worst first-run print I’ve ever seen,” so full of splices that the overall quality was “shameful.”

‘Betrayal’ isn’t available on DVD

Q: Are there plans to release the 1983 movie version of Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal” with Jeremy Irons, Patricia Hodge and Ben Kingsley on DVD?

A: While there was a VHS release, I don’t know of an authorized DVD or plans for one. As with “Angel in My Pocket,” this is a disappointment, because the screen version of Pinter’s play was widely praised.

It also inspired a “Seinfeld” episode, “The Betrayal,” which like Pinter’s play and film told its story in reverse. (The “Seinfeld” episode also included a character named Pinter.)

‘Hear My Song’ can be ordered

Q: The 1991 movie “Hear My Song” with Ned Beatty isn’t out on DVD. Might that happen soon?

A: The lovely little film inspired by Irish singer Josef Locke is available on DVD as an on-demand title sold by Amazon for $20. (It’s also on Netflix.) It has one of the most hilarious uses of the phrase “vice versa” you are likely to see.


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