Q: What has happened to "Longmire"? I think it is a great program and miss it. Will it be returning to TV?

A: Although A&E's "Longmire" has not been officially renewed, it is expected to be back, most likely next summer.

Nothing has happened to it: Cable series often produce about 10 to 13 episodes per season and air them all in a row. That's what A&E did with "Longmire" this summer.

'Bates Motel' will be back on A&E

Q: Is "Bates Motel" scheduled to return this season? If it is going to return, which network will carry it?

A: "Bates Motel" is a cable series. A&E has renewed it for a second season to air in 2014.

Say goodbye to 'Hoarders'

Q: I heard A&E's "Hoarders" has been canceled. Why?

A: Networks never say why they cancel a show, but it's almost always for financial reasons of some sort. Often a series gets older and more expensive and a network gambles that it can get about the same ratings from a newer, less expensive series.

An A&E publicist confirmed that "Hoarders" has been canceled and will not be back on A&E.

Don't hold your breath

Q: How do I contact a TV network to give a suggestion? Specifically, I'd like to tell CBS that "Vega$" was great and that the casino industry in that city might want to invest in continuing the series. A lot of the "older viewers" that they feel are not worthy viewers are retired, moneyed and out to enjoy their remaining years (and Las Vegas is a destination for many of them).

Secondly, I'd like A&E to rerun its two best shows, "The Glades" and "Longmire." Other networks, especially USA, have caught on to how much people like to be able to see episodes again and again. Between seasons, it would be great to have another gander at them.

A: You can always find addresses for the TV networks online — but don't expect them to pay attention to your pleas. Networks don't care about viewers; their No. 1 client is advertisers.

Since A&E canceled "The Glades," that request for reruns is unlikely to bear fruit.

'View' hosts have moved on

Q: Where have Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck gone since leaving "The View"? Also, why did Michael Kors leave "Project Runway"?

A: Hasselback joined "Fox & Friends" (5 a.m. weekdays). Behar has not announced her plans.

Kors left "Project Runway," although he recently returned for an episode, following "massive scheduling conflicts" with his day job.

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