Q: What happened to Haddie's character on "Parenthood"? It seems as though she has been written out without explanation. There has been no mention of her name in the first episodes, and I noticed that Sarah Ramos' name is no longer listed in the opening credits. Last season, when she went off to college at Cornell, it seemed that each week there was either a phone or Skype conversation or at the least her name was brought up.

A: Actress Sarah Ramos, who plays Haddie, has herself gone to college. Producers would like to have her back, but they have been unable to align story and shooting schedule with her college schedule.

'Rizzoli & Isles' coming back

Q: Where is "Rizzoli & Isles"?

A: It hasn't gone anywhere; "Rizzoli & Isles" is simply between seasons. New episodes will air on TNT early next year.

No word on end for 'Mentalist'

Q: Is this the final season for "The Mentalist," with the various Red John suspects being ­eliminated?

A: It will be the final season when it makes financial sense to be the final season. Networks sometimes try to take story into consideration, but more often it's all about the bottom line. Certainly, the fact that the plot has moved as far as it has suggests there is less life left in the show now, but whether this will be the last year or if it ekes out another season remains to be seen.

No return for 'Market Warriors'

Q: Is "Market Warriors" scheduled to come back on PBS? That was one of my favorite shows. Also educational — I picked up tips on how to negotiate prices at antique stores.

A: There's lots of interest in "Market Warriors," but it was canceled and won't be back.

'Heartland' varies by location

Q: What are the chances of rerunning ­"Heartland"?

A: This Canadian series is at the start of its seventh season in its native country. It began airing in syndication on local U.S. stations in fall 2010. You'll need to call your local station to ask whether the show is slated to air.

But the show also airs on cable's UP (formerly GMC), where the finale of the fourth season aired earlier this fall. Season 5 will air in 2014 and reruns of earlier episodes air weekdays at 3 p.m.

'Price Is Right' news

Q: What happened to Gwendolyn on "The Price Is Right"?

A: According to a CBS spokesperson, she will be back later in the current season of the show.

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